2019 review of Shanghai Exhibition

In the past 9.8-9.11 Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center CIFF 9.9-9.12 Shanghai New International Expo Center SNIEC Let's go back to the show and record these moments at the show. Let's review the scene of the show.

Because the exhibition hall and products attract many domestic and foreign guests, our standard colleagues basically have no time to eat, so they can only sit on the chair for a few minutes to quickly solve the "battle"

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival, and it's also a day for everyone to get together with their families. Our biaodian furniture has already prepared a big mid autumn red bag for each family! In the early morning, my colleagues in the Shanghai exhibition received the red envelopes for the mid autumn festival that biaodian had already prepared!

Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Today's Dragon Boat Festival, first of all, I wish all the biaodian family and you, Dragon Boat Festival Ankang today we have a very happy zongzi activities.

Through this activity, I found that the post-90s are not very good at making zongzi, but they are still very quick to learn.

The whole process is a serious look, whether it is work or entertainment, are seriously taken!The whole activity went on for about 3 hours. I never know how to make zongzi before the end of the activity.Satisfied with the overall results!

This June 1 children's Day is different.

On the afternoon of June 1, 2019, our biaodian furniture held a children's Day activity with more than 30 post-90s employees. We prepared many snacks that we ate as children.

When the hula hoop relay race, every family member has put forward full speed for the race, whether it is playing or working, we all take it seriously!

Good bye, Shanghai.

Biaodian furniture spent 4 days and nights at the Shanghai exhibition.The original new product has attracted many domestic and foreign customers.

They really appreciate every new product we bring.

Received numerous domestic and foreign customers from all over the world.CIFF Or SNIEC Every day has super high popularity. Salesmen are very busy.Biaodian furniture is serious about every distant customer.At the same time, we also attach great importance to product design and development.The times are fast, and only by keeping pace with the times will not be abandoned by the times.

【biaodian school】 it's time! Study at work and progress in study.

On 2018 8.15, the biaodian school was officially established. We held a grand ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the office building that day.To learn from each other and make progress together, the Biodian School mainly builds a learning and sharing platform for the staff to understand the production process and daily work skills exchanges.

mobile Internet improves our efficiency.

With the rapid development of mobile devices and the Internet, many enterprises have entered the Internet age. Communication, work or life can not be separated from the Internet. The standard furniture has already realized the communication mode under the offline transfer line. Weekdays work conference and communication only need a cell phone.

Quality inspectors are using mobile phones to communicate with colleagues and use special APP for real-time feedback, which greatly improves work efficiency, is convenient and effective, and the online data is much clearer.

During the meeting, employees are sharing the conference information with their mobile phones.

Call the biaodian family, the canteen is open!

From April 1, the long-awaited canteen of the biaodian family was finally built! On the first day of the meal, the family rushed to our canteen. It was very busy! The ten tables are full. Although there are many people, the order of our standard family members is very good. They still line up for dinner in turn.

Every day, the canteen has 6 dishes and 1 soup. The ingredients are very rich, and they are all stir fried now, so that the family can eat more delicious!

And every morning, middle and evening three meals, family can eat three meals a day in the canteen healthy, delicious food!

The 41st China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair

On March 18,2018-21,we participated inthe"forty-first sessionofChina (Guangzhou)International Furniture Expo" here we are honored to know a lot of foreign visitors, after further communication and cooperation in the development of this project, we thank you for your cooperation trust in our company.

has a professional design, development, manufacturing, marketing and management team.

The first new year's Day Party of biaodian furniture was a complete success

On January 1, 2018, we held the first new year's Day Party of Bazhou biaodian Furniture Co., Ltd. in Beijing roast duck! There are more than 60 employees and management personnel at the meeting site, which is very lively!

The staff and leaders entering the venue will sign in at the entrance of the venue, and each of them will send a red scarf symbolizing gratitude, change, enthusiasm and delivery.

First of all, the first part of our conference is the blessing of our standard furniture partners. They come from different countries and regions such as Taipei, South Korea, Europe, America and so on, and send sincere wishes to biaodian!

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